The World's Smallest Nutrient Composition Analyzer

    Pocket Lab

    AI consumer NIR sensor technology that brings full-scale laboratories into your pocket. A rapid scan of feedstuff, crops, or seeds can measure the nutrient composition:

    • Protein and Amino Acids
    • Fat
    • Sugar
    • Moisture
    • Fiber
    • Ash

    In Corn, Wheat, Soybean Meal, Distillers Grains, Poultry Feed

    All-inclusive: NIR Sensor Dual, Mobile Application, Cloud Analytics

      The Benefits for Farmers, Nutritionists, and Researchers

      • Gain transparency of crops, feedstuff, and seeds nutrient composition 
      • Formulate more precise diets
      • Generate more profits

      Bringing Together Novel NIR Sensors, AI, and Nutrition Expertise

      Our technology uses novel accurate portable NIR sensors, AI, and digital intelligence for animal nutrition. The cloud-based application provides nutrient composition results. It will also provide diet formulations that advise nature-based feed additives to increase feed conversion and intestinal health in the near future and alternatives to raw materials shipped from overseas. The application tracks the data on feed cost savings and sustainability indicators. 

      Technology Overview

      Sustainability and Climate Efforts

      To cope with the steadily increasing global population, the livestock sector is growing, with the inevitable more stress on the environment. Since feed represents the highest cost for farmers overcoming the barriers to efficient digestion and nutrient utilization is very important, leading to precision nutrition technologies. The overall goal of precision nutrition is to maximize economic efficiency. Important drivers are also the need for alternative raw materials, sustainability, and animal welfare (and its impact on human health). Due to the large variability in the feed ingredients quality, diets are routinely over formulated. As a result, a large excess of non-metabolized amino acids ended up in Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Nitrous oxide emissions from manure (drivers of eutrophication – water pollution and climate change)Our Pocket Lab (NIR sensor) matches the feed ingredients composition with the dynamic nutritional needs of animals and offsets N emissions by ~13-40%.

      Offsets Nutrient Pollution in Water

      Cuts GHG Emissions

      Reduces Waste

      Better Animal Welfare

      About Us


      At aikemy, we build Pocket Laboratories solutions that boost yield, improve safety, reduce cost, waste, and environmental impact. We replace time-consuming and expensive laboratory testing with real-time, portable, and accurate sensor AI applications “to empower people to see chemistry” and power better data-driven decisions and operations.


      Agata Sroka, Co-Founder & CEO

      Agata is an engineer and entrepreneur. She has expertise in business innovation, R&D to quality areas gained while working for the top medical technology players, incl. Danaher Co. and Siemens Healthineers. Agata holds degrees in both Biomedical Engineering and Materials Science as well as education in business from the University of St. Gallen. She is based in Zurich, Switzerland.


      Kotaro Ishizaki, Co-Founder & CTO

      Kotaro is a results-driven engineer and scientist with over 17 years of experience in technical project leadership, specializing in optoelectronics devices development, strategic advanced product management, and maturing cutting-edge technologies from design to mass production. He holds a Dr. degree in Chemistry and Material Science from Tokyo Institute of Technology. He is based in Zurich Switzerland.


      Zofia Baranczuk, Co-Founder & VP Science

      Zofia holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and M.Sc. in Mathematics. She was a researcher at leading Universities incl. Geneva and Zurich, as well as NGOs, incl. The World Bank, with expertise in statistics, artificial intelligence, and big data. Zofia led preventive medicine projects. She is based in Zurich, Switzerland.



      Agroscope and aikemy Joined Forces

      Agroscope and aikemy will build innovative pocket feed labs together, enabling a win-win for animals’ digestion, farmers, and the environment. Pocket feed lab raises the attention of vets, farmers, and feed mills, who could gain the disruptive advantage of taking labs in the farm/field to test feed nutrients’ content in real-time. Feed formulation would be healthier and cost-efficient if the true nutrient content of ingredients were known (precise formulation instead of the current over formulating using table values). Precision feeding can improve animal gut health, cut farmers’ costs (4-6 digits for a large feed mill), and reduce waste Nitrogen by 17% (primary GHG driver). Project funded by Innosuisse.

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      Real-Time Pesticides and Fertilizers Residuals Test Successful

      Our Pocket Lab has successfully detected pesticides and fertilizers residuals in green pea (proof of concept).

      Public concern about pesticides has been sharply increasing – pesticides may be found everywhere – flowing from affected soil into the drinking water (7%). Today, few products can be assessed for pesticide residuals because testing is expensive, and it takes days to get results. Consequently, it is difficult for farmers to optimize pesticide use. Our Pocket Lab has the potential to replace time-consuming and expensive laboratory testing with unlimited, real-time, portable, and accurate chemistry sensing.

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      Counterfeit Medicines Detected with 100% Correct Answers

      Aikemy provides patients with a convenient way of ensuring their medicines are genuine. 

       According to WHO, even 1 in 10 medicines is falsified. Counterfeit products often look identical to their authentic versions, but contain too little or too much of the active ingredient, or are made with toxic substances. Patients who receive the falsified medicines believe that they on therapy, but this is not true. Even worse, they are at risk of severe illness or death. Counterfeiting is illegal, but difficult to recognize, particularly for patients. The spread of the problem is the largest in online pharmacies. 

      The revolutionary Pocket Lab can confirm medicines’ authenticity by looking at their unique chemical make-up. A simple scan using the device supplied by AMS and the pocket lab can tell what it is, the composition, and detect potential safety hazards. The answer to your question pops up on your mobile phone.

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      More Applications

      Real-Time Analytics in Quality Control

      aikemy’s solutions provide precisely what your business needs to introduce real-time analytics to your operations (QC, manufacturing, supply chain):

      • to save up to 99% of the time spent on lab testing and to save costs
      • to power instant decision-making, tracking, monitoring and optimizing efficiency
      • our products can be flexibly integrated into your manufacturing streams

        Real-time Food Nutrient Composition Test & Food Fraud Detection Tailored to Your Needs

        Aikemy empowers you to see what’s in your food and beverages. Our solutions range from apps that instantly test quality and safety to apps that measure and track individual nutrition.  

        We offer pocket-sized, extremely affordable technology that can test food at the molecular level with just a single scan. The answers to your question pop up in our apps.

        To name just a few, aikemy enables a convenient way of detecting meat and seafood spoilage, pesticide residuals on vegetables, toxic methanol in alcoholic beverages, distinguishing an extra virgin olive oil from a regular one.