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Agata Sroka/ August 13, 2020/ Uncategorized

Our Offer

Transform your operations smoothly. We build tailored & safe technology, take care of data gathering, and manage projects.


Artificial intelligence custom software for real-time analytics:
  1. Products classifications, e.g., authentic/counterfeit
  2. Counterfeit analysis, incl. statistics, types, trends, clusters, locations
  3. Content measurements, e.g., how much protein in a fish
  4. Image recognition & instant spectral analysis

Desktop and mobile apps are available.

Hardware and Mechanical Engineering

We build solutions using both commercial and custom-made devices:
  1. Product design & engineering
  2. Compliance & certification
  3. SAP ERP Integration
  4. Industry-Grade Security, GLP support

Devices available: miniaturized NIR spectrometer (liquid, powder, solids measurements), optical cameras, color sensor, thermal camera, 3D (depth) sensors


Service and Support

Aikemy provides Level-2 and Level-3 Support locally in Europe.

Consulting and Project Management

  1. Business Case Setup
  2. Project Management from the Proof-of-Concept stage to Go-Life 
  3. Scientific Studies, Labwork & Data Acquisition, Reports
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