Agroscope and aikemy Joined Forces

Agata Sroka/ January 28, 2022/ News

Agroscope and aikemy will build innovative pocket feed labs together, enabling a win-win for animals’ digestion, farmers, and the environment. Pocket feed lab raises the attention of vets, farmers, and feed mills, who could gain the disruptive advantage of taking labs in the farm/field to test feed nutrients’ content in real-time. Feed formulation would be healthier and cost-efficient if the

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Pocket Lab Detects Pesticides and Fertilizers Residuals

Agata Sroka/ July 20, 2021/ News

Our Pocket Lab has successfully detected pesticides and fertilizers residuals in green pea (proof of concept). Public concern about pesticides has been sharply increasing – pesticides may be found everywhere – flowing from affected soil into the drinking water (7%). Today, few products can be assessed for pesticide residuals because testing is expensive, and it takes days to get results.

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Counterfeit Detection

Agata Sroka/ August 13, 2020/ News

aikemy provides patients with a convenient way of ensuring their medicines are genuine.   According to WHO, even 1 in 10 medicines is falsified. Counterfeit products often look identical to their authentic versions, but contain too little or too much of the active ingredient, or are made with toxic substances. Patients who receive the falsified medicines believe that they on therapy,

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